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Nurse's Song (Innocence) Analysis

Author: Poetry of William Blake Type: Poetry Views: 1717

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Songs of Innocence1789When voices of children are heard on the green

And laughing is heard on the hill,

My heart is at rest within my breast

And everything else is stillThen come home my children the sun is gone down

And the dews of night arise

Come come leave off play, and let us away

Till the morning appears in the skiesNo no let us play, for it is yet day

And we cannot go to sleep

Besides in the sky, the little birds fly

And the hills are all covered with sheepWell well go & play till the light fades away

And then go home to bed

The little ones leaped & shouted & laugh'd

And all the hills echoed


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The children are given freedom as they are allowed to \'go and play till the light fades away\'. Therefore, it is suggested by Blake that the children stay out and enjoy the prescence of nature. Furthermore, it is portrayed that the children have a clearer perception of the world, which allows them to determine their own lives, which is also explored by a political theorist, Rousseau.
Also, since Blake believed that \'Everything that lives is Holy\' this suggests that their is a holy spirit within nature, protecting the childen as they play.

| Posted on 2011-03-26 | by a guest

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The children are in their own world and the nurse is kind hearted. The children dont have the experience but the sunset shows they will soon.

| Posted on 2010-10-20 | by a guest

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