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Polly's Tree Analysis

Author: Poetry of Sylvia Plath Type: Poetry Views: 320

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The Collected Poems1959A dream tree, Polly's tree:a thicket of sticks,each speckled twigending in a thin-panedleaf unlike anyother on itor in a ghost flowerflat as paper andof a colorvaporish as frost-breath,more finical thanany silk fanthe Chinese ladies useto stir robin's eggair. The silver-haired seed of the milkweedcomes to roost there, frailas the halorayed round a candle flame,a will-o'-the-wispnimbus, or puffof cloud-stuff, tipping herqueer candelabrum.Palely lit bysnuff-ruffed dandelions,white daisy wheels anda tiger facedpansy, it glows. O it'sno family tree,Polly's tree, nora tree of heaven, thoughit marry quartz-flake,feather and rose.It sprang from her pillowwhole as a cobwebribbed like a hand,a dream tree. Polly's treewears a valentinearc of tear-pearledbleeding hearts on its sleeveand, crowning it, oneblue larkspur star.


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