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Les Fenêtres Analysis

Author: Poetry of Guillaume Apollinaire Type: Poetry Views: 207

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Du rouge au vert tout le jaune se meurt

Quand chantent les aras dans les forêts natales

Abatis de pihis

Il y a un poème à faire sur l'oiseau qui n'a qu'une aile

Nous l'enverron en message téléphonique

Truamatisme géant

Il fait couler les yeux

Voilà une jolie jeune fille parmi les jeunes Turinaises

Le pauvre jeune homme se mouchait dans sa cravate blanche

Tu soulèveras le rideau

Et maintenant voilà que s'ouvre la fenêtre

Araignées quand les mains tissaient la lumière

Beauté pâleur insondables violets

Nous tenterons en vain de prendre du repos

On commencera à minuit

Quand on a le temps on a la liberté

Bignorneaux Lotte multiples Soleils et l'Oursin du couchant

Une vielle paire de chaussures jaunes devant la fenêtre


Les Tours ce sont les rues


Puits ce sont les places


Arbres creux qui abritent les Câpresses vagabondes

Les Chabins chantent des airs à mourir

Aux Chabines marrones

Et l'oie oua-oua trompette au nord

Où le train blanc de neige et de feux nocturnes fuit l'hiver

O Paris

Du rouge au vert tout le jaune se meurt

Paris Vancouver Hyères Maintenon New-York et les Antilles

Le fenêtre s'ouvre comme une orange

Le beau fruit de la lumière


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All i can say is, that as an American fan I've been SO frustrated by Lifetime's ttaerment of the show that I prefer and actually HOPE it's being shopped around to other networks like FX or SciFi - and that they bite (no pun intended!).I emailed Lifetime a few weeks back, requested a response to my inquiry and received nothing! So that tells you how much they either care or actually read the emails that come in. I work in the interactive advertising industry and told them how wrong it is to ignore even a small contingency of fans. Alienation is not a good way to build a new audience.I watch only BT on their channel - and if it's not renewed they'll hear again and again from me of how they lost out -I AM their core demographic but I will not endorse them no matter what they do.Just throwing out some support! x x

| Posted on 2013-11-18 | by a guest

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All of which can be neutralized by tainkg it at face value and when braced on it simply responing, But that's what you SAID. Subtext becomes maintext instantly and passive-aggressive hinting becomes off-limits.It's magic.M

| Posted on 2013-11-15 | by a guest

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Aqui he1 gato!Diz a Isabel Castanheira.Mas como boa livreira,Consciente dos seu actos,Vende lirvosE ne3o gatos.O gato e9 meu companheiro,Ne3o quero ningue9m que o leve.Aqui vendem-se bons lirvos,Ne3o vendo gato por lebre. E se algue9m quiser levar,O gato que me apareceu,Ne3o e9 o gato que arranha,Quem o estatanha sou eu. Joe3o Norte.Uma oferta e0 Isabel. x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

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what r u doing with the bunnys r u ginivg them away or selling them .? i had a bunny a couple years age he waas the coolest animal i love animals and i would love to have a bunny again

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

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Ness, thank you for posting this poem! I love the coepnct, and love the approach.My one suggestion would be to give the reader an image or metaphor in the absence of either, this is far less powerful than it could be less poetic. Would love to see any future versions! :-)Miriam

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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