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Fern Hill Analysis

Author: Poetry of Dylan Thomas Type: Poetry Views: 6599

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Deaths and Entrances1946Now as I was young and easy under the apple boughs

About the lilting house and happy as the grass was green,The night above the dingle starry,Time let me hail and climbGolden in the heydays of his eyes,

And honoured among wagons I was prince of the apple towns

And once below a time I lordly had the trees and leavesTrail with daisies and barleyDown the rivers of the windfall light.And as I was green and carefree, famous among the barns

About the happy yard and singing as the farm was home,In the sun that is young once only,Time let me play and beGolden in the mercy of his means,

And green and golden I was huntsman and herdsman, the calves

Sang to my horn, the foxes on the hills barked clear and cold,And the sabbath rang slowlyIn the pebbles of the holy streams.All the sun long it was running, it was lovely, the hay

Fields high as the house, the tunes from the chimneys, it was airAnd playing, lovely and wateryAnd fire green as grass.And nightly under the simple stars

As I rode to sleep the owls were bearing the farm away,

All the moon long I heard, blessed among stables, the nightjarsFlying with the ricks, and the horsesFlashing into the dark.And then to awake, and the farm, like a wanderer white

With the dew, come back, the cock on his shoulder: it was allShining, it was Adam and maiden,The sky gathered againAnd the sun grew round that very day.

So it must have been after the birth of the simple light

In the first, spinning place, the spellbound horses walking warmOut of the whinnying green stableOn to the fields of praise.And honoured among foxes and pheasants by the gay house

Under the new made clouds and happy as the heart was long,In the sun born over and over,I ran my heedless ways,My wishes raced through the house high hay

And nothing I cared, at my sky blue trades, that time allows

In all his tuneful turning so few and such morning songsBefore the children green and goldenFollow him out of grace.Nothing I cared, in the lamb white days, that time wouldtake me

Up to the swallow thronged loft by the shadow of my hand,In the moon that is always rising,Nor that riding to sleepI should hear him fly with the high fields

And wake to the farm forever fled from the childless land.

Oh as I was young and easy in the mercy of his means,Time held me green and dyingThough I sang in my chains like the sea.


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It is a poem about time, space and memory. There is always a tinge of romanticism in his poetry. The images he has constructed is very Keats-like (sensual imagery). The poem begins with a 'now...' and it signifies memory, retrospection and childhood. There is a sense of musicality due to the influence of romantic poetry. The words he uses are quite musical in content. He says that time let him be whoever he wanted to be in his childhood. There is a lot of overtly Christian imagery. Fern hill is almost like the garden of Eden. We see a sense of disconnect only in stanza 4. Until then, he is completely connected.It is him trying to reconstruct memory;re-creating images. It talks about his dissolution of present time as there is a recognition of mortality. Green is repeated in the poem and it represents youth and nature; which is a very romantic characteristic. It is almost like a child-like voice. He is associating free hill with magic. He is craving for such a place in 1945, because post the World War there is no such place that exists. Stanza 4 signifies the shift in the tone of the poem. It is very inward-looking, sort of an awakening. It feels like he is beginning to lose the innocence that he was celebrating in the first 3 stanzas. Now the erudite voice of the child is beginning to show. He says there was first darkness, and then light. This is vey biblical. A note of transition shows here. Stanza 5 signifies the change from innocence to recognition in the voice. Almost like the poet recognises his dissolution with real time. The last two lines of the poem talk emphasise the sense of recognition that his illusion is not everlasting. There is a lot of emotional intensity in his poetry.

| Posted on 2015-09-12 | by a guest

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Most takes on the poem that I have seen contend this is seen through the child\'s eyes, and is autobiographical. Neither is true, whatever the poet\'s intention. This is an adult imagining his childhood, or just the state of being a child, being green, and how nature could have been for him. The child does not think in those metaphors, those can only be evoked retrospectively.

| Posted on 2012-05-03 | by a guest

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When he says: “fire green as grass,” Thomas appears to be speaking of a change in perception, the speaker’s burning realization that he is changing, growing older, wiser. The lines: “like a wanderer white” and “in the lamb white days” are metaphors for his younger naïve days when he was a confused wanderer and white or innocent like the biblical lamb. He uses the color gold when referring to time as a metaphor for valuable time: “Golden… time let me play” and “Time… Golden in the mercy of his means.” Time itself, as it is personified in the poem, seems to be a metaphor for an authority figure who holds one’s life in his hands.

| Posted on 2009-09-26 | by a guest

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