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The Break Away Analysis

Author: Poetry of Anne Sexton Type: Poetry Views: 105

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Your daisies have come

<BR>on the day of my divorce:

<BR>the courtroom a cement box,

<BR>a gas chamber for the infectious Jew in me

<BR>and a perhaps land, a possibly promised land

<BR>for the Jew in me,

<BR>but still a betrayal room for the till-death-do-usó

<BR>and yet a death, as in the unlocking of scissors

<BR>that makes the now separate parts useless,

<BR>even to cut each other up as we did yearly

<BR>under the crayoned-in sun.

<BR>The courtroom keeps squashing our lives as they break

<BR>into two cans ready for recycling,

<BR>flattened tin humans

<BR>and a tin law,

<BR>even for my twenty-five years of hanging on

<BR>by my teeth as I once saw at Ringling Brothers.

<BR>The gray room:

<BR>Judge, lawyer, witness

<BR>and me and invisible Skeezix,

<BR>and all the other torn

<BR>enduring the bewilderments

<BR>of their division.


Your daisies have come

<BR>on the day of my divorce.

<BR>They arrive like round yellow fish,

<BR>sucking with love at the coral of our love.

<BR>Yet they wait,

<BR>in their short time,

<BR>like little utero half-borns,

<BR>half killed, thin and bone soft.

<BR>They breathe the air that stands

<BR>for twenty-five illicit days,

<BR>the sun crawling inside the sheets,

<BR>the moon spinning like a tornado

<BR>in the washbowl,

<BR>and we orchestrated them both,

<BR>calling ourselves TWO CAMP DIRECTORS.

<BR>There was a song, our song on your cassette,

<BR>that played over and over

<BR>and baptised the prodigals.

<BR>It spoke the unspeakable,

<BR>as the rain will on an attic roof,

<BR>letting the animal join its soul

<BR>as we kneeled before a miracle--

<BR>forgetting its knife.


The daisies confer

<BR>in the old-married kitchen

<BR>papered with blue and green chefs

<BR>who call out


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