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Some Foreign Letters Analysis

Author: Poetry of Anne Sexton Type: Poetry Views: 151

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<P> I knew you forever and you were always old,

<br>soft white lady of my heart. Surely you would scold

<br>me for sitting up late, reading your letters,

<br>as if these foreign postmarks were meant for me.

<br>You posted them first in London, wearing furs

<br>and a new dress in the winter of eighteen-ninety.

<br>I read how London is dull on Lord Mayor's Day,

<br>where you guided past groups of robbers, the sad holes

<br>of Whitechapel, clutching your pocketbook, on the way

<br>to Jack the Ripper dissecting his famous bones.

<br>This Wednesday in Berlin, you say, you will

<br>go to a bazaar at Bismarck's house. And I

<br>see you as a young girl in a good world still,

<br>writing three generations before mine. I try

<br>to reach into your page and breathe it back...

<br>but life is a trick, life is a kitten in a sack.

<p>This is the sack of time your death vacates.

<br>How distant your are on your nickel-plated skates

<br>in the skating park in Berlin, gliding past

<br>me with your Count, while a military band

<br>plays a Strauss waltz. I loved you last,

<br>a pleated old lady with a crooked hand.

<br>Once you read


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