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By an Evolutionist Analysis

Author: Poetry of Alfred, Lord Tennyson Type: Poetry Views: 351

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By an Evolutionist

The Lord let the house of a brute to the soul of a man,

And the man said, ‘Am I your debtor?’

And the Lord–‘Not yet; but make it as clean as you can,

And then I will let you a better.’


If my body come from brutes, my soul uncertain or a fable,

Why not bask amid the senses while the sun of morning shines,

I, the finer brute rejoicing in my hounds, and in my stable,

Youth and health, and birth and wealth, and choice of women and of wines?


What hast thou done for me, grim Old Age, save breaking my bones on the rack?

Would I had past in the morning that looks so bright from afar!


Done for thee? starved the wild beast that was linkt with thee eighty years back.

Less weight now for the ladder-of-heaven that hangs on a star.


If my body come from brutes, tho’ somewhat finer than their own,

I am heir, and this my kingdom. Shall the royal voice be mute?

No, but if the rebel subject seek to drag me from the throne,

Hold the sceptre, Human Soul, and rule thy province of the brute.


I have climb’d to the snows of Age, and I gaze at a field in the Past.

Where I sank with the body at times in the sloughs of a low desire,

But I hear no yelp of the beast, and the Man is quiet at last,

As he stands on the heights of his life with a glimpse of a height that is higher.


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To the person espousing christianity, I think you may have a very noble and sincere belief and cause, but no one should be ridiculed for their beliefs or non beliefs. The FACT is, no credible evidence can be given in support of a god, that cannot be explained in other more credible ways. The bible for example, was written during a time when humans knew comparatively little about how the world works. To have some understanding that 'God' controlled natural occurrences such as droughts or floods, helped explain the world before science could explain the foundational reasons using numbers and theories to represent different phenomia.
Furthermore, when courts in England were originally convened, they were (and to some extent still are), religiously orientated towards Christianity. So these were not originally the place for atheist practice. One absolutely fundemental principle in these courts, is the burden of proof. The burden of proof requires an individual or party to prove THEIR claim as opposed to a system which requires everyone else to refute whatever one party might say.
Turning this point to the question of religion, it is up to religious officials to prove the existence of a diety, if they are going to so vehemently press it upon other as you have done here.
This is not to say you should not have your beliefs, no far from it, but you should not blindly, irrationally and illogically attempt to refute all individuals who do not agree with your claims and BELIEF.

| Posted on 2013-11-27 | by a guest

.: :.

I like how atheist say that we have no evencdie of the existence of the god,which is very inaccurate and we have many but i won't expand that right now, so don't believe them until they have evencdie that god DOES NOT exist.And turn that back to them...

| Posted on 2013-11-16 | by a guest

.: :.

Aplpaentry this is what the esteemed Willis was talkin' 'bout. x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

.: :.

. You can't argue with an Atheist on the subject of regloiin. If they aren't willing to accept that it could be true, or even LOOK for God, they will never find the truth. That's how it is. That's how it always will be. Christians may never be able to prove atheists wrong scientifically because of many reasons. But I know in the end, God will.

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

.: :.

Those who refuse to bevelie that God exists will never find Him. It's like a scientist who refuses to look for the evidence of atoms. If he's not looking for atoms, he will never find them! The same thing with God. If they aren't looking for him, of course they are going to reject these claims! Second of all, why would I want to be an atheist? I have no incentive, nor ANY evidence to support the view, so would I bevelie in something that I bevelie not to be true? It sure doesn't have much evidence, if ANY for it. Atheism would never lead me to a better life, nor does it explain why we exist. Now, some people may think its useless to explain life, but it really isn't. Once we find the truth about what life is about, we can live the best lives possible. I bevelie that the only faith that explains this and is true would be Christianity. And to the atheists who were commenting on this page, you REALLY do not understand the Bible. While I don't exactly agree with the arguments on this page (I can see the holes in them), Atheists are spouting the same crap that I hear everywhere I go. The Atheists who actually read the Bible realize that they are wrong. For example, Lee Strobel was a long time atheist. And I know of many others out there who have rejected atheism. There have been some very, VERY devout atheists who have become christians. I don't think you can explain that.I would also like to state this: There are no such things as atheists. They bevelie in a god. They worship at an altar. They worship at the Altar of Reason and Science. Their god is one that has failed them MANY times. It can't do anything. It resides in the minds of depraved men. I, myself, am a scientist. And reason is very good. People who reason make better decisions. BUT, the fact of the matter remains that I don't put Reason and Science on a higher "pedestal" than I do the One True God. They do. Something that is always changing, untruthful, hurtful, "back-stabber", and many other things. While scientists have discovered amazing things, it is not something we should worship. Science cannot save us. It cannot even improve this world. Sure, the many advancements made by science itself has lead to great things. But the fact of the matter remains that it does not lead people to become better, to change their lives. It does not allow them transform them into a different person, who one does not live selfishly, and ignorantly.That brings up another thought. There are two options at this point. One.) Science disproves religion (which it clearly doesn't or I, myself, would not be a scientist). Or Two.) People are deceiving us. I have found conflicting information between Atheists and Christians. I have found that there are Atheists who have distorted the facts just to prove themselves right. It happens MANY times. When data does not fit the "premeditated" conclusion, I have found that researchers "make up" data to fit. If they don't, and their hypothesis or "premeditated" conclusion is not proven, they lose tenure with the University. They HAVE to make up data. Especially when it doesn't fit.

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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