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Part 2 of Trout Fishing in America Analysis

Author: Poetry of Richard Brautigan Type: Poetry Views: 346

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story<strong>ANOTHER METHODOF MAKING WALNUT CATSUP</strong>And this is a very small cookbook for Trout Fishing in Americaas if Trout Fishing in America were a rich gourmet andTrout Fishing in America had Maria Callas for a girlfriendand they ate together on a marble table with beautiful candles.Compote of ApplesTake a dozen of golden pippins, pare themnicely and take the core out with a smallpenknife; put them into some water, andlet them be well scalded; then take a littleof the water with some sugar, and a fewapples which may be sliced into it, andlet the whole boil till it comes to a syrup;then pour it over your pippins, and garnishthem with dried cherries and lemon-peelcut fine. You must take care that yourpippins are not split.And Maria Callas sang to Trout Fishing in America asthey ate their apples together.A Standing Crust for Great PiesTake a peck of flour and six pounds of butterboiled in a gallon of water: skim it off intothe flour, and as little of the liquor as youcan. Work it up well into a paste, and thenpull it into pieces till it is cold. Then makeit up into what form you please.And Trout Fishing in America smiled at Maria Callas asthey ate their pie crust together.ASpoonful PuddingTake a spoonful of flour, a spoonful ofcream or milk, an egg, a little nutmeg,ginger, and salt. Mix all together, andboil it in a little wooden dish half an hour.If you think proper you may add a fewcurrants .And Trout Fishing in America said, &quot;The moon's comingout.&quot; And Maria Callas said, &quot;Yes, it is.&quot;Another Method of Making Walnut CatsupTake green walnuts before the shell isformed, and grind them in a crab-mill,or pound them in a marble mortar.Squeeze out the juice through a coarsecloth, and put to every gallon of juicea pound of anchovies, and the samequantity of bay-salt, four ounces ofJamaica pepper, two of long and two ofblack pepper; of mace, cloves, andginger, each an ounce, and a stick ofhorseradish. Boil all together tillreduced to half the quantity, and thenput it into a pot. When it is cold, bottleit close, and in three months it will befit for use.And Trout Fishing in America and Maria Callas pouredwalnut catsup on their hamburgers.<strong>PROLOGUE TO GRIDER CREEK</strong>Mooresville, Indiana, is the town that John Dillinger camefrom, and the town has a John Dillinger Museum. You cango in and look around.Some towns are known as the peach capital of America orthe cherry capital or the oyster capital, and there's alwaysa festival and the photograph of a pretty girl in a bathing suit.Mooresville, Indiana, is the John Dillinger capital of America.Recently a man moved there with his wife, and he discoveredhundreds of rats in his basement. They were huge, slowmovingchild-eyed rats.When his wife had to visit some of her relatives for a fewdays, the man went out and bought a .38 revolver and a lotof ammunition. Then he went down to the basement wherethe rats were, and he started shooting them. It didn't botherthe rats at all. They acted as if it were a movie and startedeating their dead companions for popcorn.The man walked over to a rat that was busy eating a friendand placed the pistol against the rat's head. The rat did notmove and continued eating away. When the hammer clickedback, the rat paused between bites and looked out of the cornerof its eye. First at the pistol and then at the man. It was a kindof friendly look as if to say, &quot;When my mother was young shesang like Deanna Durbin. &quot;The man pulled the trigger.He had no sense of humor.There's always a single feature, a double feature and aneternal feature playing at the Great Theater in Mooresville,Indiana: the John Dillinger capital of America.


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