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Part 10 of Trout Fishing in America Analysis

Author: Poetry of Richard Brautigan Type: Poetry Views: 274

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story<strong>WITNESS FOR TROUT FISHINGIN AMERICA PEACE</strong>In San Francisco around Easter time last year, they had atrout fishing in America peace parade. They had thousandsof red stickers printed and they pasted them on their smallforeign cars, and on means of national communication liketelephone poles.The stickers had WITNESS FOR TROUT FISHING IN AM-ERICA PEACE printed on them.Then this group of college- and high-school-trained Com-munists, along with some Communist clergymen and theirMarxist-taught children, marched to San Francisco fromSunnyvale, a Communist nerve center about forty miles away.It took them four days to walk to San Francisco. Theystopped overnight at various towns along the way, and slepton the lawns of fellow travelers.They carried with them Communist trout fishing in Ameri-ca peace propaganda posters:&quot;DON'T DROP AN H-BOMB ON THE OLD FISHING HOLE I&quot;&quot;ISAAC WALTON WOULD'VE HATED THE BOMB!&quot;&quot;ROYAL COACHMAN, SI! ICBM, NO!&quot;They carried with them many other trout fishing in Amer-ica peace inducements, all following the Communist worldconquest line: the Gandhian nonviolence Trojan horse.When these young, hard-core brainwashed members ofthe Communist conspiracy reached the &quot;Panhandle, &quot; theemigre Oklahoma Communist sector of San Francisco, thou-sands of other Communists were waiting for them. Thesewere Communists who couldn't walk very far. They barelyhad enough strength to make it downtown.Thousands of Communists, protected by the police, marcheddown to Union Square, located in the very heart of San Fran-cisco. The Communist City Hall riots in 1960 had presentedevidence of it, the police let hundreds of Communists escape,but the trout fishing in America peace parade was the finalindictment: police protection.Thousands of Communists marched right into the heart ofSan Francisco, and Communist speakers incited them forhours and the young people wanted to blow up Colt Tower, butthe Communist clergy told them to put away their plasticbombs.&quot;Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men shoulddo to you, do ye even so to them . . . There will be no needfor explosives, &quot; they said.America needs no other proof. The Red shadow of theGandhian nonviolence Trojan horse has fallen across Ameri-ca, and San Francisco is its stable.Obsolete is the mad rapist's legendary piece of candy. Atthis very moment, Communist agents are handing out Witnessfor trout fishing in America peace tracts to innocent childrenriding the cable cars.


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