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Who's Who Analysis

Author: Poetry of W.H. Auden Type: Poetry Views: 1048

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A shilling life will give you all the facts:

How Father beat him, how he ran away,

What were the struggles of his youth, what acts

Made him the greatest figure of his day;

Of how he fought, fished, hunted, worked all night,

Though giddy, climbed new mountains; named a sea;

Some of the last researchers even write

Love made him weep his pints like you and me.With all his honours on, he sighed for one

Who, say astonished critics, lived at home;

Did little jobs about the house with skill

And nothing else; could whistle; would sit still

Or potter round the garden; answered some

Of his long marvellous letters but kept none.


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Who\'s who
Amazing poem! There are two people being described in the poem. One, a man based on the fourth stanza who was \"the greatest figure of his day\". This last, had even the honor of naming a sea! What a successful man he was! But oh, \"With all his honors on, he sighed for on\", and this other one lived a much more quieter and less adventurous life: \"lived at home\", \"did little jobs about the house\"and most ironically: \"answered some / of his long marvelous letters but kept none\". The simplest person can make the most important person sigh, and not all the success in the world can buy love! Love is built and one has to resign to personal achievements to go after that the most truthful adventure of all, love!!!
Victor x 11/17/2010

| Posted on 2010-11-17 | by a guest

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