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A Study Of Reading Habits Analysis

Author: poem of Philip Larkin Type: poem Views: 10

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When getting my nose in a book

Cured most things short of school,

It was worth ruining my eyes

To know I could still keep cool,

And deal out the old right hook

To dirty dogs twice my size.

Later, with inch-thick specs,

Evil was just my lark:

Me and my coat and fangs

Had ripping times in the dark.

The women I clubbed with sex!

I broke them up like meringues.

Don't read much now: the dude

Who lets the girl down before

The hero arrives, the chap

Who's yellow and keeps the store

Seem far too familiar. Get stewed:

Books are a load of crap.


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Larkin\'s poem is one which offers little hope for society. His persona goes from reading books as a form of escapism in till the point when books start to remind him of himself.
In the first stanza the narrator is young and loved reading very much:
\"cured most things sort of school\"
This suggests that he is reading books to solve problems which he is having at school. The word choice of \"cure\" suggests that books are a type of medicine for him one that he could not live without
Larkin explains to us that he fantasises about battering bully\'s:
\"it was worth ruining my eyes to know I could still keep cool a dead out the old right hook to dirty digs twice my size\"
The word choice of \"worth\" conveys that he is making a sacrifice, his eyes, in order to enter this fantasy world. This reinforces his love for books in this stanza. \"deal out the old right hook\" implies that the narrator is reading about violence and is fantasising about punching people. The word choice of \"dirty dogs\" conveys that the people he is punching are bully\'s and that he is getting revenge.
In the third stanza we are told that the narrator beings to near books about vampires:
\"me and my coat and fangs had ripping times in the dark\"
This suggests that Larkin\'s narrator is older in this stanza and has begun to read fiction book for teens. These \"ripping times\" he speaks of seem disturbing and does not fit in with the boy in the first stanza who was bullied at school. This is not the last of the weird language Larkin uses in this stanza.
\"I women I clubbed with sex I broke them up like meringues\"
This is disturbing language we can see here that the narrator is mixing up his emerging sexual feeling with the books he is reading. The word \"clubbed\" suggests that he is beating the women with sex. The word choice of \"meringues\" coveys he views women as soft,sweet and delicate.
Am tried and CBA doing the rest

| Posted on 2013-01-25 | by a guest

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the narrator obviously longs for his past as it was shown through his regrets

| Posted on 2013-01-13 | by a guest

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in the second stanza the persona appears to be a ladies man and a swave dracula like fugure, but he gives himself away as having no knowledge of women when he refers to them as merigues, sweet, fragile and white (the colour of innocence),as we kniow women are not like this and one cannot generalise like he has, so we can see that all of his knowledge of women has come from the horror books he has read as this is how women are usually portrayed in such novels

| Posted on 2012-02-16 | by a guest

.: :.

As a boy, he used to escape from life and his problems by reading. As he grew, he enjoyed reading dark books, liking the idea of clubbing women and ripping with fangs. When he grows up completely, his opinion of books changes, and he even advises the reader not to read too much. He changes his mind because the books about bad people (like the boy letting the girl down and they ellow chap)remind him of his own life and who he is. Books that helped him escape from life now remind him of his life. Therefore, he suggests that to escape from life, just use alcohol because books, in his words, are \'a load of crap\'

| Posted on 2011-03-28 | by a guest

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There is a boy who would use reading as a way to get away from things that are hard in life like school or bullies. They could imagine how they would “deal out the old right hook” to those people who were mean to them.
Then later in the boy’s life, he had to get specs, and evil was just his wish in finding when he was reading. He had fun going into his own world of darkness, and cloaks and fangs. He liked the idea of humiliate women, who were little innocent and beautiful things like meringues.
Now it is present time in the boys life and he doesn’t read much anymore because reading about the dude letting the girl down before the hero arrives, or the chap who sits around and does nothing with his life are all subjects that are too close to home, and make him upset about his own lousy life. He can no longer leave his problems with reading because now he is reading his problems. So he gets rid of the stupid pieces of crap as the speaker calls them.

| Posted on 2009-11-02 | by a guest

.: :.

larkin begins to explain his childhood and how books cured all his problems, as he grew up his interest in books deteriated, the characters became far too familiar and close to home. he uses crued language which is shocking even now to see in a poem.

| Posted on 2009-10-18 | by a guest

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The narrator has been living vicariously through reading and becomes upset upon noticing how he was too busy reading about life and not living it. He becomes too familiar with the characters described in the last stanza.

| Posted on 2009-04-08 | by a guest

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Larkin is obviously judging the everyday aspects of life perhaps to draw attention to how trivial his life has now become in comparison to what it once was, hence the refference to his childhood.

| Posted on 2008-10-22 | by a guest

.: :.


| Posted on 2007-02-19 | by a guest

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