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Pullman Porter Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 3

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The porter in the Pullman car

Was charming, as they sometimes are.

He scanned my baggage tags: "Are you

The man who wrote of Lady Lou?"

When I said "yes" he made a fuss -

Oh, he was most assiduous;

And I was pleased to think that he

Enjoyed my brand of poetry.

He was forever at my call,

So when we got to Montreal

And he had brushed me off, I said:

"I'm glad my poems you have read.

I feel quite flattered, I confess,

And if you give me your address

I'll send you (autographed, of course)

One of my little books of verse."

He smiled - his teeth were white as milk;

He spoke - his voice was soft as silk.

I recognized, depite his skin,

The perfect gentleman within.

Then courteously he made reply:

"I thank you kindly, Sir, but I

With many other cherished tome

Have all your books of verse at home.

"When I was quite a little boy

I used to savour them with joy;

And now my daughter, aged three,

Can tell the tale of Sam McGee;

While Tom, my son, that's only two

Has heard the yarn of Dan McGrew. . . .

Don't think your stuff I'm not applaudin' -

My taste is Eliot and Auden."

So we gravely bade adieu

I felt quite snubbed - and so would you,

And yet I shook him by the hand,

Impressed that he could understand

The works of those two tops I mention,

So far beyond my comprehension -

A humble bard of boys and barmen,

Disdained, alas! by Pullman carmen.


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