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The Pigeons Of St. Marks Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 1

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Something's wrong in Pigeon-land;

'Tisn't as it used to be,

When the pilgrim, corn in hand,

Courted us with laughing glee;

When we crooned with pinions furled,

Tamest pigeons in the world.

When we packed each arm and shoulder,

Never deeming man a menace;

Surly birds were never bolder

Than our dainty doves of Venice:

Who would have believed a pigeon

Could become wild as a widgeon.

Well, juts blame it on the War,

When Venetians grew thinner,

And gaunt hands would grab us for

Succulence to serve a dinner . . .

How our numbers fast grew fewer,

As we perished on a skewer.

Pa and Mummie went like that,

So when tourist takes his stand,

On his Borsolino hat

Soft as whispered love I land;

Then with cooing liquid vowels

I . . . evacuate my bowls.

Something's wrong in Pigeon-land;

Mankind we no longer trust;

Shrinking from the tendered hand,

pick we corn from out the dust;

While on guileless pilgrim pate,

Thinking that revenge is sweet,

Soft I croon my hymn of hate,

Drop my tribute and retreat.


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