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No Sunday Chicken Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 3

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I could have sold him up because

      His rent was long past due;

And Grimes, my lawyer, said it was

      The proper thing to do:

But how could I be so inhuman?

      And me a gentle-woman.


Yet I am poor as chapel mouse,

      Pinching to make ends meet,

And have to let my little house

      To buy enough to eat:

Why, even now to keep agoing

      I have to take in sewing.

Sylvester is a widowed man,

      Clerk in a hardware store;

I guess he does the best he can

      To feed his kiddies four:

It sure is hard,--don't think it funny,

      I've lately loaned him money.

I want to wipe away a tear

      Even to just suppose

Some monster of an auctioneer

      Might sell his sticks and clothes:

I'd rather want for bread and butter

      Than see them in the gutter.

A silly, soft old thing am I,

      But oh them kiddies four!

I guess I'll make a raisin pie

      And leave it at their door . . .

Some Sunday, dears, you'll share my dream,--

      Fried chicken and ice-cream.


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