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To A Friend Concerning Several Ladies Analysis

Author: poem of William Carlos Williams Type: poem Views: 4

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You know there is not much

that I desire, a few chrysanthemums

half lying on the grass, yellow

and brown and white, the

talk of a few people, the trees,

an expanse of dried leaves perhaps

with ditches among them.

But there comes

between me and these things

a letter

or even a look—well placed,

you understand,

so that I am confused, twisted

four ways and—left flat,

unable to lift the food to

my own mouth:

Here is what they say: Come!

and come! and come! And if

I do not go I remain stale to

myself and if I go—

I have watched

the city from a distance at night

and wondered why I wrote no poem.

Come! yes,

the city is ablaze for you

and you stand and look at it.

And they are right. There is

no good in the world except out of

a woman and certain women alone

for certain. But what if

I arrive like a turtle,

with my house on my back or

a fish ogling from under water?

It will not do. I must be

steaming with love, colored

like a flamingo. For what?

To have legs and a silly head

and to smell, pah! like a flamingo

that soils its own feathers behind.

Must I go home filled

with a bad poem?

And they say:

Who can answer these things

till he has tried? Your eyes

are half closed, you are a child,

oh, a sweet one, ready to play

but I will make a man of you and

with love on his shoulder—!

And in the marshes

the crickets run

on the sunny dike's top and

make burrows there, the water

reflects the reeds and the reeds

move on their stalks and rattle drily.

Submitted by Bob


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I was answering what was qutoed on AmpToons, not the whole article. Had Iwanted to comment on the article, I would have done it on the original authorsite. Once again, I will answer what you qutoed on this site:> One thing I keep hearing is that, though Ike was a great musician and> pioneer, all people can talk about is his abusive nature and drug habit. What> a shame that is, these voices say.And yes, it is a shame, when every discussion about his musicalaccomplishments inevitably gets derailed into a condemnation of the way hewas or was not treating his wife. By the way, I am not a fan of his music, andall I knew about him came from that movie'. But both at work and on theforum I police, people throw disgusting human being' into discussions of hismusic. I believe that doing so is wrong. On our forum, I split the thread, andasked that one is kept for music only. It's still chugging along, with someonetrying to prove he influenced Machine Head (?!) the other degenerated intoname calling by non-metalheads who just signed on so I closed it.Now, I see nothing wrong with saying that his self-admitted abuse of TinaTurner is more important than his music. But it is still not right to bring itup in a discussion which has nothing to do with that.

| Posted on 2013-07-08 | by a guest

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