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The Auction Sale Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 5

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Her little head just topped the window-sill;

She even mounted on a stool, maybe;

She pressed against the pane, as children will,

And watched us playing, oh so wistfully!

And then I missed her for a month or more,

And idly thought: "She's gone away, no doubt,"

Until a hearse drew up beside the door . . .

I saw a tiny coffin carried out.

And after that, towards dusk I'd often see

Behind the blind another face that looked:

Eyes of a young wife watching anxiously,

Then rushing back to where her dinner cooked.

She often gulped it down alone, I fear,

Within her heart the sadness of despair,

For near to midnight I would vaguely hear

A lurching step, a stumbling on the stair.

These little dramas of the common day!

A man weak-willed and fore-ordained to fail . . .

The window's empty now, they've gone away,

And yonder, see, their furniture's for sale.

To all the world their door is open wide,

And round and round the bargain-hunters roam,

And peer and gloat, like vultures avid-eyed,

Above the corpse of what was once a home.

So reverent I go from room to room,

And see the patient care, the tender touch,

The love that sought to brighten up the gloom,

The woman-courage tested overmuch.

Amid those things so intimate and dear,

Where now the mob invades with brutal tread,

I think: "What happiness is buried here,

What dreams are withered and what hopes are dead!"

Oh, woman dear, and were you sweet and glad

Over the lining of your little nest!

What ponderings and proud ideas you had!

What visions of a shrine of peace and rest!

For there's his easy-chair upon the rug,

His reading-lamp, his pipe-rack on the wall,

All that you could devise to make him snug --

And yet you could not hold him with it all.

Ah, patient heart, what homelike joys you planned

To stay him by the dull domestic flame!

Those silken cushions that you worked by hand

When you had time, before the baby came.

Oh, how you wove around him cozy spells,

And schemed so hard to keep him home of nights!

Aye, every touch and turn some story tells

Of sweet conspiracies and dead delights.

And here upon the scratched piano stool,

Tied in a bundle, are the songs you sung;

That cozy that you worked in colored wool,

The Spanish lace you made when you were young,

And lots of modern novels, cheap reprints,

And little dainty knick-knacks everywhere;

And silken bows and curtains of gay chintz . . .

And oh, her tiny crib, her folding chair!

Sweet woman dear, and did your heart not break,

To leave this precious home you made in vain?

Poor shabby things! so prized for old times' sake,

With all their memories of love and pain.

Alas! while shouts the raucous auctioneer,

And rat-faced dames are prying everywhere,

The echo of old joy is all I hear,

All, all I see just heartbreak and despair.


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