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Furnishings Analysis

Author: poem of Mark Wallace Type: poem Views: 6

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Keen to the multi lens, pictures

the threatened calm, luck of solid furnishing

forms a room that might home.  Going

more generous to the tendrils

of forgotten.  If hydrotropism

urges we drink the air, then the grime

questions our throat and lungs,

what we let sit with us on couches.

Why not talk of hidden things

the touching tongues, onyx and sea lions

whispers and ancient rings.  I faded

inside the shut door, fossilized talk

ways of leaving out, the cannons

with which they fortified

and closed the harbors.  Who put

that cobra among my toys, or were they already poison

for hissing of waste.

Tightened hoses extinguished the exuberance, exuding

an odor that reeked of extinction.

You might as well come over,

the interior leaks but warms to grouping.

Assuming the cretins just makes us so

and slow, desisting.  We wander

out with all our breaks, shake

against the gale, the wind

we're all within.  Language doesn't have to

stuff us in the seats.


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