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Blue Analysis

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See my colors fall apart? Green

to yellow with just one shade gone,

the changing tints of your sun-struck eyes,

if there were sun. Today the prism held to mineís

a prison, locking in the light. In one of those mirrors

the colors are true. In one of these pictures the pigmentís

my own. The sound there is aquarelle and indigo,

and dripping distant water, the dayís habitual failure

to be anything substantial. Today a blank like color

by numbers, filled in with fog that frames the lake

in transient tones. Thatís the color I mean, some mist

painting the shore pastel and pointillist

rain, painting the shadow between window and light. Today

each hue dissolves in humid air, transparency

I try to grasp and then let go, clear overflow

of waves on gravel. The mist with its single-dipped brush

smears itself across the canvas of the pines.

The pines, knowing no better, run together on a morning

palette. Today the sceneís dismantled, that canít be

dismissed. I once was blind, but now

I see
my landscape attenuate itself, drowned lake

of evergreens. On a morning like this with new crayons

I drew a man, that red valentine

in the side. The picture of two hands scrawling the outline

where only one thingís missing; the crayons scattering

from childish fingers. Color me or leave me vacant


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