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Feeding The Sun Analysis

Author: poem of Bill Knott Type: poem Views: 13

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One day we notice that the sun

needs feeding. Immediately

a crash program begins: we fill rockets

with wheat, smoke-rings, razorblades, then,

after long aiming

--they're off. Hulls specially alloyed

so as not to melt before the stuff

gets delivered we pour cattle rivers windmills,

aborigines etcet into the sun which

however, grows stubbornly

smaller, paler. Finally

of course we run out of things to feed the thing,

start shipping ourselves. By now

all the planets-moons-asteroids and

so on have been shoveled in though they're

not doing much good it's

still looking pretty weak, heck, nothing helps!

Now the last few of us left lift off.

The trip seems forever but then, touchdown.

Just before entering we wonder,

will we be enough. There's

a last-second doubt in our minds: can we,

can this final sacrifice, our broughten crumb,


it--will a glutteral belch burst out then at last,--

and will that Big Burp be seen by far-off telescopes,

interpreted as a nova

by those other galaxies,

those further stars which have always seemed even more


than ours?


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