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Gamblers All Analysis

Author: poem of Charles Bukowski Type: poem Views: 6

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sometimes you climb out of bed in the morning and you think,

I'm not going to make it, but you laugh inside

remembering all the times you've felt that way, and

you walk to the bathroom, do your toilet, see that face

in the mirror, oh my oh my oh my, but you comb your hair anyway,

get into your street clothes, feed the cats, fetch the

newspaper of horror, place it on the coffee table, kiss your

wife goodbye, and then you are backing the car out into life itself,

like millions of others you enter the arena once more.

you are on the freeway threading through traffic now,

moving both towards something and towards nothing at all as you punch

the radio on and get Mozart, which is something, and you will somehow

get through the slow days and the busy days and the dull

days and the hateful days and the rare days, all both so delightful

and so disappointing because

we are all so alike and so different.

you find the turn-off, drive through the most dangerous

part of town, feel momentarily wonderful as Mozart works

his way into your brain and slides down along your bones and

out through your shoes.

it's been a tough fight worth fighting

as we all drive along

betting on another day.

Anonymous submission.


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