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Dumb Swede Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 2

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With barbwire hooch they filled him full,

Till he was drunker than all hell,

And then they peddled him the bull

About a claim they had to sell.

A thousand bucks they made him pay,

Knowing that he had nothing more,

And when he begged it back next day,

And wept! - they kicked him from the door.

They reckoned they were mighty slick,

Them two tinhorns from Idaho;

That poor dumb Swede could swing a pick,

but that was all he'd ever know.

So sitting in a poker game,

They lost the price for which they sold

To that bonehead a poor dud claim

That didn't have a speck of gold.

My story's true as gospel creed

Of these bright boys from Idaho;

They made a sucker of that Swede

And laughed to see the poor boob go,

And work like nigger on his ground,

Bucked by the courage of despair . . .

Till lo! A rich pay-streak he found,

That made him twice a millionaire.

So two smart Alecs, mighty sick,

Begged jobs at fifteen bucks a day.

Then said the Swede: "Give each a pick

And let them sweat to make their pay."

And though he don't know what it means,

Folks call that Swede "magnanimous"

- But picking nuggets big as beans,

you oughta' hear them fellers cuss!


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