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Presences Analysis

Author: poem of William Butler Yeats Type: poem Views: 19

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This night has been so strange that it seemed

As if the hair stood up on my head.

From going-down of the sun I have dreamed

That women laughing, or timid or wild,

In rustle of lace or silken stuff,

Climbed up my creaking stair.  They had read

All I had rhymed of that monstrous thing

Returned and yet unrequited love.

They stood in the door and stood between

My great wood lectern and the fire

Till I could hear their hearts beating:

One is a harlot, and one a child

That never looked upon man with desire.

And one, it may be, a queen.


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william Butler Yeats has given the structure of poem in a sonnet form. It is in iambic pentametre.There is no regular rhyme scheme present in this poem.Hence,it is also a blank verse.The rhythm that flows in this poem is balanced perfectly however the diction is colloquial.The words are figurative in sense;uses of metaphor can be seen and understood as an objective poetry.

| Posted on 2011-05-17 | by a guest

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