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Still Analysis

Author: poem of Wislawa Szymborska Type: poem Views: 11

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In sealed box cars travel

names across the land,

and how far they will travel so,

and will they ever get out,

don't ask, I won't say, I don't know.

The name Nathan strikes fist against wall,

the name Isaac, demented, sings,

the name Sarah calls out for water for

the name Aaron that's dying of thirst.

Don't jump while it's moving, name David.

You're a name that dooms to defeat,

given to no one, and homeless,

too heavy to bear in this land.

Let your son have a Slavic name,

for here they count hairs on the head,

for here they tell good from evil

by names and by eyelids' shape.

Don't jump while it's moving. Your son will be Lech.

Don't jump while it's moving. Not time yet.

Don't jump. The night echoes like laughter

mocking clatter of wheels upon tracks.

A cloud made of people moved over the land,

a big cloud gives a small rain, one tear,

a small rain—one tear, a dry season.

Tracks lead off into black forest.

Cor-rect, cor-rect clicks the wheel. Gladeless forest.

Cor-rect, cor-rect. Through the forest a convoy of clamors.

Cor-rect, cor-rect. Awakened in the night I hear

cor-rect, cor-rect, crash of silence on silence.


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