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Mermaid, Dragon, Fiend Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Graves Type: poem Views: 26

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In my childhood rumors ran

   Of a world beyond our door—

Terrors to the life of man

   That the highroad held in store.

Of mermaids' doleful game

   In deep water I heard tell,

Of lofty dragons belching flame,

   Of the hornèd fiend of Hell.

Tales like these were too absurd

   For my laughter-loving ear:

Soon I mocked at all I heard,

   Though with cause indeed for fear.

Now I know the mermaid kin

   I find them bound by natural laws:

They have neither tail nor fin,

   But are deadlier for that cause.

Dragons have no darting tongues,

   Teeth saw-edged, nor rattling scales;

No fire issues from their lungs,

   No black poison from their tails:

For they are creatures of dark air,

   Unsubstantial tossing forms,

Thunderclaps of man's despair

   In mid-whirl of mental storms.

And there's a true and only fiend

   Worse than prophets prophesy,

Whose full powers to hurt are screened

   Lest the race of man should die.

Ever in vain will courage plot

   The dragon's death, in coat of proof;

Or love abjure the mermaid grot;

   Or faith denounce the cloven hoof.

Mermaids will not be denied

   The last bubbles of our shame,

The Dragon flaunts an unpierced hide,

   The true fiend governs in God's name.

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