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Age Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Creeley Type: poem Views: 8

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Most explicit--

the sense of trap

as a narrowing

cone one's got

stuck into and

any movement

forward simply

wedges once more--

but where

or quite when,

even with whom,

since now there is no one

quite with you--Quite? Quiet?

English expression: Quait?

Language of singular

impedance? A dance? An

involuntary gesture to

others not there? What's

wrong here? How

reach out to the

other side all

others live on as

now you see the

two doctors, behind

you, in mind's eye,

probe into your anus,

or ass, or bottom,

behind you, the roto-

rooter-like device

sees all up, concludes

"like a worn-out inner tube,"

"old," prose prolapsed, person's

problems won't do, must

cut into, cut out . . .

The world is a round but

diminishing ball, a spherical

ice cube, a dusty

joke, a fading,

faint echo of its

former self but remembers,

sometimes, its past, sees

friends, places, reflections,

talks to itself in a fond,

judgemental murmur,

alone at last.

I stood so close

to you I could have

reached out and

touched you just

as you turned

over and began to

snore not unattractively,

no, never less than

attractively, my love,

my love--but in this

curiously glowing dark, this

finite emptiness, you, you, you

are crucial, hear the

whimpering back of

the talk, the approaching

fears when I may

cease to be me, all

lost or rather lumped

here in a retrograded,

dislocating, imploding

self, a uselessness

talks, even if finally to no one,

talks and talks.


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