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Paralytic Analysis

Author: poem of Sylvia Plath Type: poem Views: 18

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It happens. Will it go on? ----

My mind a rock,

No fingers to grip, no tongue,

My god the iron lung

That loves me, pumps

My two

Dust bags in and out,

Will not

Let me relapse

While the day outside glides by like ticker tape.

The night brings violets,

Tapestries of eyes,


The soft anonymous

Talkers: 'You all right?'

The starched, inaccessible breast.

Dead egg, I lie


On a whole world I cannot touch,

At the white, tight

Drum of my sleeping couch

Photographs visit me-

My wife, dead and flat, in 1920 furs,

Mouth full of pearls,

Two girls

As flat as she, who whisper 'We're your daughters.'

The still waters

Wrap my lips,

Eyes, nose and ears,

A clear

Cellophane I cannot crack.

On my bare back

I smile, a buddha, all

Wants, desire

Falling from me like rings

Hugging their lights.

The claw

Of the magnolia,

Drunk on its own scents,

Asks nothing of life.


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‘Paralytic’s structure conflicts with the language, the structure shows Plath trying to show she is in control whilst the language highlights how powerless she really feels
Sasha Barren

| Posted on 2009-05-06 | by a guest

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