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On Shakespear Analysis

Author: poem of John Milton Type: poem Views: 9

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What needs my Shakespear for his honour'd Bones,

The labour of an age in piled Stones,

Or that his hallow'd reliques should be hid

Under a Star-ypointing Pyramid?

Dear son of memory, great heir of Fame,

What need'st thou such weak witnes of thy name?

Thou in our wonder and astonishment

Hast built thy self a live-long Monument.

For whilst to th'sharne of slow-endeavouring art,

Thy easie numbers flow, and that each heart                          

Hath from the Leaves of thy unvalu'd Book,

Those Delphick lines with deep impression took,

Then thou our fancy of it self bereaving,

Dost make us Marble with too much conceaving;

And so Sepulcher'd in such pomp dost lie,

That Kings for such a Tomb would wish to die.

Notes: On Shakespear.  Reprinted 1632 in the second folio


Title] An epitaph on the admirable dramaticke poet W.


1 needs] neede

6 weak] dull

8 live-long] lasting

10 heart] part

13 it] her


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In this poem, On Shakespeare, John Milton describes the value of Shakespeare's literary works. He says that there is no need to create a tomb or monument of shakespeare as he as already created one in the hearts of the readers.

| Posted on 2009-12-21 | by a guest

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