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On Death Analysis

Author: Poetry of Anne Killigrew Type: Poetry Views: 234

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1Tell me thou safest End of all our Woe,

2Why wretched Mortals do avoid thee so:

3Thou gentle drier o' th' afflicted Tears,

4Thou noble ender of the Cowards Fears;

5Thou sweet Repose to Lovers sad dispaire,

6Thou Calm t' Ambitions rough Tempstuous Care.

7If in regard of Bliss thou wert a Curse,

8And then the Joys of Paradise art worse;

9Yet after Man from his first Station fell,

10 And God fromEden Adam did expel,

11 Thou wert no more an Evil, but Relief;

12 The Balm and Cure to ev'ry Humane Grief:

13 Through thee (what Man had forfeited before)

14 He now enjoys, and ne'r can loose it more.

15 No subtile Serpents in the Grave betray,

16 Worms on the Body there, not Soul do prey;

17 No Vice there Tempts, no Terrors there afright,

18 No Coz'ning Sin affords a false delight:

19 No vain Contentions do that Peace annoy,

20 No feirce Alarms break the lasting Joy.

22 Such real Good as Life can never know;

23 Come when thou wilt, in thy afrighting'st Dress,

24 Thy Shape shall never make thy Welcome less.

25 Thou mayst to Joy, but ne'er to Fear give Birth,

26 Thou Best, as well as Certain'st thing on Earth.

27 Fly thee? May Travellers then fly their Rest,

28 And hungry Infants fly the profer'd Brest.

29 No, those that faint and tremble at thy Name,

30 Fly from their Good on a mistaken Fame.

31 Thus Childish fear didIsrael of old

32 From Plenty and the Promis'd Land with-hold;

33 They fancy'd Giants, and refus'd to go,

34 When Canaan did with Milk and Honey flow.


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