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I Love The Naked Ages Long Ago Analysis

Author: poem of Charles Baudelaire Type: poem Views: 8

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I love the naked ages long ago

When statues were gilded by Apollo,

When men and women of agility

Could play without lies and anxiety,

And the sky lovingly caressed their spines,

As it exercised its noble machine.

Fertile Cybele, mother of nature, then,

Would not place on her daughters a burden,

But, she-wolf sharing her heart with the people,

Would feed creation from her brown nipples.

Men, elegant and strong, would have the right

To be proud to have beauty named their king;

Virgin fruit free of blemish and cracking,

Whose flesh smooth and firm would summon a bite!

The Poet today, when he would convey

This native grandeur, would not be swept away

By man free and woman natural,

But would feel darkness envelop his soul

Before this black tableau full of loathing.

O malformed monsters crying for clothing!

O ludicrous heads! Torsos needing disguise!

O poor writhing bodies of every wrong size,

Children that the god of the Useful swaths

In the language of bronze and brass!

And women, alas! You shadow your heredity,

You gnaw nourishment from debauchery,

A virgin holds maternal lechery

And all the horrors of fecundity!

We have, it is true, corrupt nations,

Beauty unknown to the radiant ancients:

Faces that gnaw through the heart's cankers,

And talk with the cool beauty of languor;

But these inventions of our backward muses

Are never hindered in their morbid uses

Of the old for profound homage to youth,

—To the young saint, the sweet air, the simple truth,

To the eye as limpid as the water current,

To spread out over all, insouciant

Like the blue sky, the birds and the flowers,

Its perfumes, its songs and its sweet fervors.

Translated by William A. Sigler

Submitted by Ryan McGuire


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