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Part 4 of Trout Fishing in America Analysis

Author: story of Richard Brautigan Type: story Views: 5

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              WITH THE FBI

Dear Trout Fishing in America,

  last week walking along lower market on the way to work

saw the pictures of the FBI's TEN MOST WANTED MEN in

the window of a store. the dodger under one of the pictures

was folded under at both sides and you couldn't read all of it.

the picture showed a nice, clean-cut-looking guy with freckles

and curly (red?) hair

                       WANTED FOR:


   Aliases: Richard Lawrence Marquette, Richard

        Lourence Marquette


26, born Dec. 12, 1934, Portland, Oregon

170 to 180 pounds


light brown, cut short


Complexion: ruddy Race:

white Nationality: American


                              auto body w

                              recapper, s

                              survey rod

arks: 6" hernia scar; tattoo "Mom" in wreath on

ight forearm

ull upper denture, may also have lower denture.

                       Reportedly frequents

s, and is an avid trout fisherman.

(this is how the dodger looked cut off on both sides and you

couldn't make out any more, even what he was wanted for.)

                     Your old buddy,                         Pard

Dear Pard,

  Your letter explains why I saw two FBI agents watching a

trout stream last week. They watched a path that came down

through the trees and then circled a large black stump and

led to a deep pool. Trout were rising in the pool. The FBI

agents watched the path, the trees, the black stump, the pool

and the trout as if they were all holes punched in a card that

had just come out of a computer. The afternoon sun kept

changing everything as it moved across the sky, and the FBI

agents kept changing with the sun. It appears to be part of

their training.

Your friend,

            Trout Fishing in America


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