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Resignation Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 4

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I'd hate to be centipede (of legs I've only two),

For if new trousers I should need (as oftentimes I do),

The bill would come to such a lot 'twould tax an Astorbilt,

Or else I'd have to turn a Scot and caper in a kilt.

I'm jolly glad I haven't got a neck like a giraffe.

I'd want to tie it in a knot and shorten it by half.

or, as I wear my collars high, how laundry men would gloat!

And what a lot of beer I'd buy to lubricate my throat!

I'd hate to be a goldfish, snooping round a crystal globe,

A naughty little bold fish, that distains chemise of robe.

The public stare I couldn't bear, if naked as a stone,

And when my toilet I prepare, I'd rather be alone.

I'd hate to be an animal, an insect or a fish.

To be the least like bird or beast I've not the slightest wish.

It's best I find to be resigned, and stick to Nature's plan:

Content am I to live and die, just - Ordinary MAN.


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well in Robert Service life he lives a life of traveling, going from one place to another and having many different jobs. in this poem he talks about the different animals representing the different jobs he has taken up in the course of his life. but he is never content with any of these jobs so he ends up saying "content am I to live and die, just- Ordinary MAN". he realizes that the best thing for him to do is to go back to nature and live in peace surrounded by beauty.

| Posted on 2016-05-07 | by a guest

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