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Domestic Scene Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 5

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The meal was o'er, the lamp was lit,

The family sat in its glow;

The Mother never ceased to knit,

The Daughter never slacked to sew;

The Father read his evening news,

The Son was playing solitaire:

If peace a happy home could choose

I'm sure you'd swear that it was there.


The Mother:

"Ah me! this hard lump in my breast . . .

Old Doctor Brown I went to see;

Because it don't give me no rest,

He fears it may malignant be.

To operate it might be well,

And keep the evil of awhile;

But oh the folks I dare not tell,

And so I sit and knit and smile."

The Father:

"The mortgage on the house is due,

My bank account is overdrawn;

I'm at my wits end what to do -

I've plunged, but now my hope is gone.

For coverage my brokers call,

But I'm so deeply in the red . . .

If ever I should lose my all,

I'll put a bullet in my head."

The Daughter:

"To smile I do the best I can,

But it's so hard to act up gay.

My lover is a married man,

And now his child is on the way.

My plight I cannot long conceal,

And though I bear their bitter blame,

Unto my dears I must reveal

My sin, my sorrow and my shame."

The Son:

"Being a teller in a Bank

I'd no right in a blackjack game.

But for my ruin I must thank

My folly for a floozie dame.

To face the Manager I quail;

If he should check my cash I'm sunk . . .

Before they throw me into gaol

I guess I'd better do a bunk."

So sat they in the Winter eve

In sweet serenity becalmed,

So peaceful you could scarce believe

They shared the torments of the damned . . .

Yet there the Mother smiles and knits;

The Daughter sews white underwear;

The Father reads and smokes and spits,

While Sonny Boy plays solitaire.


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All religions are nsesnnoe!God, Satan, heaven, hell- DON'T EXIST! They are ancient, primitive fairy tales that came from ancient, primitive, uneducated humans! The bible is just a big book of Stone Age , Pre-Science fairy tales, fairy tales just like Santa Claus, and shouldn't be taken literally or seriously!!Humans back then didn't have any organized body of Science, so they made up fairy tales and stories to explain things! ..I'm totally serious!! HELP!- Lightning and Thunder- Thor and Odin are fighting again!! They didn't even know what electricity was back then!!This applies to all religions!!Now we have Science to explain how things really work! We don't have to make up ridiculous, make-believe god stories anymore to explain things!! Do you realize how much pain, suffering, prejudice, condemnation, hatred, bloodshed, killing and war, religion has inflicted on, and still is inflicting on the human race!!! The bible is an old, outdated book!! Stick it up in your attic, or basement; somewhere in the back, where it won't be in the way!!! WAKE-UP , and come out of your ancient, primitive fairy tales already!!God, Satan, heaven, hell- DON'T EXIST! .THEY ARE BIG FAIRY TALES!!Read the Biology book for SURE!!!

| Posted on 2013-11-18 | by a guest

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Each vocalist, emcee and imntrunestalist works together in an almost symbiotic fashion -Completely agree. For the last week and a half, I wake up every morning before the sun rises and play Sleep repeatedly. Make my is emerging to be my favorite track but this is a great piece. I don't know exactly what to rate it yet but I'm sold on it. x x

| Posted on 2013-11-15 | by a guest

.: :.

I too try and have conadveradsaadtions with life like that, only to realadise after a while that it is just another monoadlogue and that fraklny life doesn’t give a monkey’s about me, about you or about anyadbodya0else. | 08.09.07, 23:09

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

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