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The Other One Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 4

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"Gather around me, children dear;

The wind is high and the night is cold;

Closer, little ones, snuggle near;

Let's seek a story of ages old;

A magic tale of a bygone day,

Of lovely ladies and dragons dread;

Come, for you're all so tired of play,

We'll read till it's time to go to bed."

So they all are glad, and they nestle in,

And squat on the rough old nursery rug,

And they nudge and hush as I begin,

And the fire leaps up and all's so snug;

And there I sit in the big arm-chair,

And how they are eager and sweet and wise,

And they cup their chins in their hands and stare

At the heart of the flame with thoughtful eyes.

And then, as I read by the ruddy glow

And the little ones sit entranced and still . . .

He's drawing near, ah! I know, I know

He's listening too, as he always will.

He's there -- he's standing beside my knee;

I see him so well, my wee, wee son. . . .

Oh, children dear, don't look at me --

I'm reading now for -- the Other One.

For the firelight glints in his golden hair,

And his wondering eyes are fixed on my face,

And he rests on the arm of my easy-chair,

And the book's a blur and I lose my place:

And I touch my lips to his shining head,

And my voice breaks down and -- the story's done. . . .

Oh, children, kiss me and go to bed:

Leave me to think of the Other One.

Of the One who will never grow up at all,

Who will always be just a child at play,

Tender and trusting and sweet and small,

Who will never leave me and go away;

Who will never hurt me and give me pain;

Who will comfort me when I'm all alone;

A heart of love that's without a stain,

Always and always my own, my own.

Yet a thought shines out from the dark of pain,

And it gives me hope to be reconciled:

That each of us must be born again,

And live and die as a little child;

So that with souls all shining white,

White as snow and without one sin,

We may come to the Gates of Eternal Light,

Where only children may enter in.

So, gentle mothers, don't ever grieve

Because you have lost, but kiss the rod;

From the depths of your woe be glad, believe

You've given an angel unto God.

Rejoice! You've a child whose youth endures,

Who comes to you when the day is done,

Wistful for love, oh, yours, just yours,

Dearest of all, the Other One.


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