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Polly's Tree Analysis

Author: poem of Sylvia Plath Type: poem Views: 16

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A dream tree, Polly's tree:

a thicket of sticks,

  each speckled twig

ending in a thin-paned

leaf unlike any

  other on it

or in a ghost flower

flat as paper and

  of a color

vaporish as frost-breath,

more finical than

  any silk fan

the Chinese ladies use

to stir robin's egg

  air. The silver-

haired seed of the milkweed

comes to roost there, frail

  as the halo

rayed round a candle flame,

a will-o'-the-wisp

  nimbus, or puff

of cloud-stuff, tipping her

queer candelabrum.

  Palely lit by

snuff-ruffed dandelions,

white daisy wheels and

  a tiger faced

pansy, it glows. O it's

no family tree,

  Polly's tree, nor

a tree of heaven, though

it marry quartz-flake,

  feather and rose.

It sprang from her pillow

whole as a cobweb

  ribbed like a hand,

a dream tree. Polly's tree

wears a valentine

  arc of tear-pearled

bleeding hearts on its sleeve

and, crowning it, one

  blue larkspur star.


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