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She slept beneath a tree Analysis

Author: poem of Emily Dickinson Type: poem Views: 25

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She slept beneath a tree—

Remembered but by me.

I touched her Cradle mute—

She recognized the foot—

Put on her carmine suit

     And see!


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| Posted on 2017-01-19 | by a guest

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Ah yes, I remember well the dolbue rainbows and the whole eastern sky all the way to Mt. Hood seen from our beautiful townhouse above OHSU. We'd have rainbow alerts and stop whatever we were doing just to stand and watch. I haven't seen even a single rainbow since coming here and I miss them. Thanks for a lovely post. You are indeed not alone in these feelings of ennui. There seems to be a great sadness about all the potential being wasted while crazy people go for broke. x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

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it. I snoop because I like to! Thats funny and hoesnt. I bet more people snoop then would like to admit it. My husband and I met in Ethiopia, he wasnt used to communicating a lot through email. Just not as customary. If he did, I bet I would be all about it. My email is boring, nothing really to see. My important stuff all comes to work. We open each others mail, thats where all the bills/insurance stuff comes. If it went into his email box, I would for SURE check it. He never would. I do check his email when my parents mail is both. I will respond for him to my dad. Just to stop a fight from happening! theMRS. My recent post

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

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It's really a great read & a fast one. A fauolubs read for at night! Have fun reading it when you decide to get a copy. @Vicky B: I love that scene where she goes to the library. Her clothes are so beautifull! ;) You should get this book & the first one. You will love them. @Lisa: Def. do that! I really want to get the first one. @Blodeuedd: I think you will ADORE them. @Petty Witter: Yeah! Too bad that nobody nowadays write loveletters or letters in that matter. I would love to get a loveletter or letter. :)@Missie: I thought so too at first, but it's here & you should read it. ;)

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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