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To a Young Poet who Killed Himself Analysis

Author: Poetry of Joyce Kilmer Type: Poetry Views: 199

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1When you had played with life a space

2And made it drink and lust and sing,

3You flung it back into God's face

4And thought you did a noble thing.

5"Lo, I have lived and loved," you said,

6"And sung to fools too dull to hear me.

7Now for a cool and grassy bed

8With violets in blossom near me."

9Well, rest is good for weary feet,

10Although they ran for no great prize;

11And violets are very sweet,

12Although their roots are in your eyes.

13But hark to what the earthworms say

14Who share with you your muddy haven:

15"The fight was on -- you ran away.

16You are a coward and a craven."

17"The rug is ruined where you bled;

18It was a dirty way to die!

19To put a bullet through your head

20And make a silly woman cry!

21You could not vex the merry stars

22Nor make them heed you, dead or living.

23Not all your puny anger mars

24God's irresistible forgiving.

25"Yes, God forgives and men forget,

26And you're forgiven and forgotten.

27You may be gaily sinning yet

28And quick and fresh instead of rotten.

29And when you think of love and fame

30And all that might have come to pass,

31Then don't you feel a little shame?

32And don't you think you were an ass?"


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