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Trixie Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 0

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Dogs have a sense beyond our ken -

At least my little Trixie had:

Tail-wagging when I laughed, and when

I sighed, eyes luminously sad.

And if I planned to go away,

She'd know, oh, days and days before:

Aye, dogs I think are sometimes fey,

They seem to sense our fate in store.

Now take the case of old Tome Low;

With flowers each week he'd call on me.

Dear Trixie used to love him so,

With joyous jump upon his knee.

Yet when he wandered in one day,

Her hair grew sudden stark with dread;

She growled, she howled, she ran away . . .

Well, ten hours later Tom was dead.

Aye, dogs hear sounds we cannot hear,

And dogs see sights we cannot see;

And that is why I took the fear

That one day she would glare at me

As if a Shape cowered on my bead,

And with each hair on end she'd creep

Beneath the couch and whine with dread . . .

And so I've had her put to sleep.

Now Trixie's gone, the only one

Who loved me in my lonely life,

And here I wait, my race nigh run,

My ill too grievous for the knife.

My hand of ice she'll never lick,

My heedless mask she'll never see:

No heartbreak - just a needle prick. . . .

Oh, Doctor, do the same for me!


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