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Stella Flammarum: An Ode to Halley's Comet Analysis

Author: Poetry of William Wilfred Campbell Type: Poetry Views: 209

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1Strange wanderer out of the deeps,

2Whence, journeying, come you?

3From what far, unsunned sleeps

4Did fate foredoom you,

5Returning for ever again

6Through the surgings of man,

7A flaming, awesome portent of dread

8Down the centuries' span?

9Riddle! from the dark unwrung

10By all earth's sages;--

11God's fiery torch from His hand outflung,

12To flame through the ages:

13Thou Satan of planets eterne,

14'Mid angry path,

15Chained, in circlings vast, to burn

16Out ancient wrath.

17By what dread hand first loosed

18From fires eternal?

19With majesties dire infused

20Of force supernal,

21Takest thy headlong way

22O'er the highways of space?

23O wonderful, blossoming flower of fear

24On the sky's far face!

25What secret of destiny's will

26In thy wild burning?

27What portent dire of humanity's ill

28In thy returning?

29Or art thou brand of love

30In masking of bale?

31And bringest thou ever some mystical surcease

32For all who wail?

33Perchance, O Visitor dread,

34Thou hast thine appointed

35Task, thou bolt of the vast outsped!

36With God's anointed,

37Performest some endless toil

38In the universe wide,

39Feeding or curing some infinite need

40Where the vast worlds ride.

41Once, only once, thy face

42Will I view in this breathing;

43Just for a space thy majesty trace

44'Mid earth's mad seething;

45Ere I go hence to my place,

46As thou to thy deeps,

47Thou flambent core of a universe dread,

48Where all else sleeps.

49But thou and man's spirit are one,

50Thou poet! thou flaming

51Soul of the dauntless sun,

52Past all reclaiming!

53One in that red unrest,

54That yearning, that surge,

55That mounting surf of the infinite dream,

56O'er eternity's verge.


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