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Sentimental Shark Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 4

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Give me a cabin in the woods

Where not a human soul intrudes;

Where I can sit beside a stream

Beneath a balsam bough and deam,

And every morning see arise

The sun like bird of paradise;

Then go down to the creek and fish

A speckled trout for breakfast dish,

And fry it in an ember fire -

Ah! there's the life of my desire.

Alas! I'm tied to Wall Street where

They reckon me a millionaire,

And sometimes in a day alone

I gain a fortune o'er the 'phone.

Yet I to be a man was made,

And here I ply this sorry trade

Of Company manipulation,

Of selling short and stock inflation:

I whom God meant to rope a steer,

Fate mad a Wall Street buccaneer.

Old Time, how I envy you

Who do the things I long to do.

Oh, I would swap you all my riches

To step into your buckskin britches.

Your ragged shirt and rugged health

I'd take in trade for all my wealth.

Then shorn of fortune you would see

How drunk with freedom I would be;

I'd kick so hard, I'd kick so high,

I'd kick the moon clean from the sky.

Aye, gold to me is less than brass,

And jewels mean no more than glass.

My gold is sunshine and my gems

The glint of dew on grassy stems . . .

Yet though I hate my guts its true

Time sorta makes you used to you;

And so I will not gripe too much

Because I have the Midas touch,

But doodle on my swivel chair,

Resigned to be a millionaire.


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