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A Visit Analysis

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Gone are the days

when you could walk on water.

When you could walk.

The days are gone.

Only one day remains,

the one you're in.

The memory is no friend.

It can only tell you

what you no longer have:

a left hand you can use,

two feet that walk.

All the brain's gadgets.

Hello, hello.

The one hand that still works

grips, won't let go.

That is not a train.

There is no cricket.

Let's not panic.

Let's talk about axes,

which kinds are good,

the many names of wood.

This is how to build

a house, a boat, a tent.

No use; the toolbox

refuses to reveal its verbs;

the rasp, the plane, the awl,

revert to sullen metal.

Do you recognize anything? I said.

Anything familiar?

Yes, you said. The bed.

Better to watch the stream

that flows across the floor

and is made of sunlight,

the forest made of shadows;

better to watch the fireplace

which is now a beach.


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This poem by Margaret Atwood has 12 stanzas- 3 lines each. This is called tercets. The lines are quite short making the message blunt and \"crisp\".

| Posted on 2010-11-24 | by a guest

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