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Precision Analysis

Author: poem of Laurie Duesing Type: poem Views: 12

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The day you flew in perfect arc

from your motorcycle was the same day

I broke the perfect formation of your women

at the railing, leaving behind

your grandmother and mother, to run

and jump the fence.  The stop watch hanging

from my neck, suspended between gravity

and momentum, swung its perfect pendulum.

All our motion was brought to conclusion

by your broken body at rest

on the ground.  Your breath never rose

to the oxygen placed on your face

and your heart never rallied

to the arms pressing your chest.

You wore the perfect clothes:

the ashy grey of death.

At the hospital they said your failure to survive

was complete.  Though I never saw

the neck you perfectly broke or your body

cleanly draped by a sheet, I did see

your dead face bruising up at me

and for lack of something to touch,

I touched the stop watch

which had not died.

If any nurse or doctor had asked,

I could have told, exactly,

to the hundreths of seconds, how long

it had been since I'd seen you alive.

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