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Listening to the moon Analysis

Author: haiku of Yosa Buson Type: haiku Views: 9

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Listening to the moon,

gazing at the croaking of frogs

in a field of ripe rice.

Translated by Robert Hass


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In to the moon, by Percy Bysshe Shelley, the poet uses selective diction to show the readers a glimpse of someoneís personal life. He starts by saying that the character in the poem has grown pale and tired from climbing heaven and gazing at the earth. This isnít taken literally, but rather climbing heaven refers to overcoming a long journey or difficult undertaking. The character wanders in isolation amongst stars the have a different birth. This probably means that the character wanders amongst starts that he canít even relate to, because they are so different from him.
The poem is a paradox in itself, because the title is about getting to the moon, but the poem talks about wandering amongst the stars. The moon and the stars are in two completely different realms and it would be impossible to be by both in such a short duration of time. This paradox ties into the characters long journeys, and by making such an impracticable claim, it shows that even the most arduous expedition is possible. Shelley chose the moon in the title, because just like a moon has no light of its own, but its light is merely a reflection of the sun, so too the character in the poem isnít a complete person, and heís just a reflection of someone else. Thatís why he is companionless, and he canít find what heís looking for.
The tone of this poem is one of isolation. The diction in the poem, which include words such as: weariness, climbing, changing, wandering, and joyless, are all words that describe someone who has given up his will to live. He canít find anything that completes him, and he is constantly searching for something which he canít find.

| Posted on 2008-12-19 | by a guest

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