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The Expiration Analysis

Author: poem of John Donne Type: poem Views: 29

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So, so, break off this last lamenting kiss,

    Which sucks two souls, and vapors both away,

Turn thou ghost that way, and let me turn this,

    And let our selves benight our happiest day,

We ask none leave to love; nor will we owe

    Any, so cheap a death, as saying, Go;

Go; and if that word have not quite kil'd thee,

    Ease me with death, by bidding me go too.

Oh, if it have, let my word work on me,

    And a just office on a murderer do.

Except it be too late, to kill me so,

    Being double dead, going, and bidding, go.


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Although all 3 of my babies are still under my roof, and 2 of them are aauctlly still babies, my first baby turned 15 a few days ago a trip to the DMV and lots of talk about college majors and future careers has this mama fighting the temptation to brace AGAINST change. Thanks for this simple reminder to remember that I wouldn't change one single thing God has done in my life God has been faithful, He will be again His loving compassion, it knows no end. All I have need of His hand will provide. He's always been faithful to me! .

| Posted on 2014-03-06 | by a guest

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I will be putting this dalizzng insight to good use in no time. x x

| Posted on 2014-03-05 | by a guest

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I HATE giftcard rbtaees! Even if they come in the form of a Visa giftcard and can be used anywhere, I end up losing them and that money too. I guess you could always sell the giftcards at a reduced rate on eBay or whatever but they are a pain for sure.

| Posted on 2014-03-04 | by a guest

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