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∆stivation Analysis

Author: Poetry of Oliver Wendell Holmes Type: Poetry Views: 166

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An Unpublished Poem, by my late Latin Tutor.

In candent ire the solar splendor flames;

The foles, languescent, pend from arid rames;

His humid front the cive, anheling, wipes,

And dreams of erring on ventiferous ripes.

How dulce to vive occult to mortal eyes,

Dorm on the herb with none to supervise,

Carp the suave berries from thc crescent vine,

And bibe the flow from longicaudate kine!

To me, alas! no verdurous visions come,

Save yon exiguous pool's conferva-scum,--

No concave vast repeats the tender hue

That laves my milk-jug with celestial blue!

Me wretched! Let me curr to quercine shades!

Effund your albid hausts, lactiferous maids!

Oh, might I vole to some umbrageous clump,--

Depart,--be off,-excede,--evade,--crump!


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The last word in this poem (Æstivation) should be \"erump\", not \"crump\". Erump is apparently an anglicization of erumpere, meaning to break out. This may be an error of optical character recognition, and it\'s been widely propagated over the Internet. The most annoying part is that \"crump\" spoils the poem\'s scansion, on the very last syllable, where it leaves a bad aftertaste.

| Posted on 2011-06-13 | by a guest

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