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Dear Deborah Analysis

Author: poem of Deborah Ager Type: poem Views: 9

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They tell me that your heart

has been found in Iowa,

pumping along Interstate 35.

Do you want it back?

When the cold comes on

this fast, it's Iowa again—

where pollen disperses

evenly on the dented Fords,

where white houses sag

by the town's corn silos,

where people in the houses

sicken on corn dust.

Auctions sell entire farms.

It's not the auctions that's upsetting

but what they sell, the ragged towel

or the armless doll, for a dollar.

I hear they've found

an eye of yours in Osceola

calling out to your mouth in Davis City.

That mouth of yours is in the bar,

the only place left in town,

slow dancing and smoking.

It's no wonder you look so pale.

Ever wish you'd done more

with your thirty years?

Seeing you last week I wonder

if you crave that sky

filled with the milky way

or the sight of Amish girls in blue

at sunset against wheat-colored prairie grass.

Here, the trees are full of gossip.

They're waiting to see what you'll do next.

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