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Visions And Interpretations Analysis

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Because this graveyard is a hill,

I must climb up to see my dead,

stopping once midway to rest

beside this tree.

It was here, between the anticipation

of exhaustion, and exhaustion,

between vale and peak,

my father came down to me

and we climbed arm in arm to the top.

He cradled the bouquet I'd brought,

and 1, a good son, never mentioned his grave,

erect like a door behind him.

And it was here, one summer day, I sat down

to read an old book.  When I looked up

from the noon-lit page, I saw a vision

of a world about to come, and a world about to go.

Truth is, I've not seen my father

since he died, and, no, the dead

do not walk arm in arm with me.

If I carry flowers to them, I do so without their help,

the blossoms not always bright, torch-like,

but often heavy as sodden newspaper.

Truth is, I came here with my son one day,

and we rested against this tree,

and I fell asleep, and dreamed

a dream which, upon my boy waking me, I told.

Neither of us understood.

Then we went up.

Even this is not accurate.

Let me begin again:

Between two griefs, a tree.

Between my hands, white chrysanthemums, yellow


The old book I finished reading

I've since read again and again.

And what was far grows near,

and what is near grows more dear,

and all of my visions and interpretations

depend on what I see,

and between my eyes is always

the rain, the migrant rain.  


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I was about to take a picture of a fountain in the lobby of a hotel. There was no one in the lobby but me. Three hotel staff were behind me at the check-in desk. I attempted to take a picture when suddenly I saw a man in the camera\'s view finder. This happened twice. Is this a vision and if so what does it mean?

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