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Not Our Good Luck Analysis

Author: poem of Robinson Jeffers Type: poem Views: 15

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Not our good luck nor the instant peak and fulfillment

  of time gives us to see

The beauty of things, nothing can bridle it.

God who walks lightning-naked on the Pacific has never

  been hidden from any

Puddle or hillock of the earth behind us.

Between the mean mud tenements and huddle of the filth

  of Babylon the river Euphrates;

And over the tiled brick temple buttresses

And the folly of a garden on arches, the ancienter simple

  and silent tribe of the stars

Filed, and for all her gods and the priests' mouths

God also moved on the city; or a certain young tribesman

  come down from the mountains of the north

Espied him in the eyes of a temple harlot;

Whom presently, as then, when the priests have choked him

  with perfume some prophet like a desert camel

Shall talk with in the ridges above the rock-tombs.

Dark ships drawing in from the sundown and the islands

  of the south, great waves with gray vapor in your


And whitening of high heads coming home from the west,

>From Formosa or the skerries of Siberia and the sight

  of the eyes that have widened for  the sky-peaks of


That he touched you is no wonder, that you slid from

  his hand

Is an old known tale to our foreland cypresses, no news

  to the Lobos granite, no marvel

To Point Pinos Light and the beacon at Point Sur,

But here is the marvel, he is nowhere not present,

  his beauty, it is burning in the midland villages

And tortures men's eyes in the alleys of cities.

Far-flown ones, you children of the hawk's dream future

  when you lean from a crag of the last planet on the


Of the far stars, remember we also have known beauty.

Submitted by Holt


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