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Tragic Fragment Analysis

Author: Poetry of Robert Burns Type: Poetry Views: 187

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All devil as I am-a damned wretch,

A hardened, stubborn, unrepenting villain,

Still my heart melts at human wretchedness;

And with sincere but unavailing sighs

I view the helpless children of distress:

With tears indignant I behold the oppressor

Rejoicing in the honest man's destruction,

Whose unsubmitting heart was all his crime. -

Ev'n you, ye hapless crew! I pity you;

Ye, whom the seeming good think sin to pity;

Ye poor, despised, abandoned vagabonds,

Whom Vice, as usual, has turn'd o'er to ruin.

Oh! but for friends and interposing Heaven,

I had been driven forth like you forlorn,

The most detested, worthless wretch among you!

O injured God! Thy goodness has endow'd me

With talents passing most of my compeers,

Which I in just proportion have abused-

As far surpassing other common villains

As Thou in natural parts has given me more.


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I just had my tortoiseshell wrayarefs' lenses changed into clear, so there, you have another style blogger with tortoiseshell glasses. :)Very interesting shoes! From afar I had thought the gray part was socks and the shoes were some sort of sandal comprised of only the wing tip and the lace up part of the shoe. (Pardon the inarticulate description, I just woke up.) But the way the wing tip isn't fully attached to the gray part intrigues me, is it intentional or is the shoe just old and worn? x x

| Posted on 2013-11-16 | by a guest

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Oh please don\'t fttaler yourself my large snitty was much grander than your peasant snitty, twice the size in fact and I consumed all bar a few bites!Going for a regular today woo woo.

| Posted on 2013-11-15 | by a guest

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Just wanted to drop you a line , and wish you all the best , dont put to much prsesure on your self , and play your game and your fly though ! And remember its all experience in the end . Enjoy Scott x x

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

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I heard this poem in Madrid last night and got the author, David R Wall, to let me upolad onto my blog.It's a poem about the Irish experience at the hands of the predator financial terrorists. For you pleasure:After the TigerThe infant wonder of Europe,Has come crawling back to the teat,We’ve spent your monopoly money,A little more’s all we need,Just give us this last dig-out,We promise we’ll put things right,We’ll make the tough decisions,We’ll fix things overnight,Just a measly sixty billion,At least that’s the latest cost,To plug this sinking disaster,If we don’t it’ll all be lost,We’ve had an ingenious idea,To shovel off all the dirt,We’re going to buy the assets,For a whole lot more than they’re worth,See the bankers are short of money,At risk of losing their jobs,What kind of cruel society,Would throw this lot to the mobs,We must save these noble fellas,And the poor investors too,Didn’t you know when you gamble,You can win but you can’t lose?Just think what they’d say abroad,If the government bought the banks!Kindly overlook the fact,It’s been done by the Brits and the Yanks,The burden must fall in the proper place,You’ll agree, it’s only fair,The guilty party knows who it is,You, the formerly flush taxpayer,Of course the load will be even,We’re all in this together,Rich and poor will both alike,Have a decade of debt to weather,And cuts to public services,On which so much we have spent,Though now it’s over it’s hard to tell,Where all that money went,Ah the innocent Irish nation,So new to the self-rule game,Your carefree childhood has ended,You’ve only yourself to blame,Grow up and face the future,’s time someone got up and lead,For the decade’s myth is over,And the Celtic tiger is dead.

| Posted on 2013-11-11 | by a guest

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Since the author of fngemart used Coptic versions of Thomas and Matthew, I retract the likelihood of it being written soon after Matthew--more likely, late 2nd century CE. But I stand by the contention that author knew of Matthew using Thomas as a source because Luke, similarly, knew that Matthew used Thomas as a source. See this 4 line schema that begins with Thom. 32 and ends with Thom 33.1:1 Thom. 32//Matt. 5:14b2 Thom. 33.2-3//Matt. 5:15//Luke 11:33//Luke 8:16//Mark 4:213 Matt. 10:26b//Luke 12:2//Thom. 5.1b-2a//Luke 8:17//Mark 4:224 Matt. 10:27b//Luke 12:3b//Thom. 33.1This is held together by these links:1. lines 1 & 2 by Thom. 32//Matt. 5:14b and Thom. 33.2-3//Matt. 5:152. lines 2 & 3 by Luke 8:16//Mark 4:21 and Luke 8:17//Mark 4:223. lines 3 & 4 by Matt. 10:27a//Luke 12:2 and Matt. 10:27b//Luke 12:3b.This is a Lukan creation since it is made possible only by the Lukan doublets of 8:16//11:33 and 8:17//12:2. So, he used Mark, Matthew and Thomas as sources and knew that Matthew based Matt. 5:14b-15 on Thom. 32-33.

| Posted on 2013-11-10 | by a guest

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