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The Great Hunt Analysis

Author: poem of Carl Sandburg Type: poem Views: 32

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I cannot tell you now;

     When the wind's drive and whirl

     Blow me along no longer,

     And the wind's a whisper at last--

Maybe I'll tell you then--

                         some other time.

     When the rose's flash to the sunset

     Reels to the rack and the twist,

     And the rose is a red bygone,

     When the face I love is going

     And the gate to the end shall clang,

     And it's no use to beckon or say, "So long"--

Maybe I'll tell you then--

                         some other time.

I never knew any more beautiful than you:

     I have hunted you under my thoughts,

     I have broken down under the wind

     And into the roses looking for you.

          I shall never find any

                         greater than you.


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I am looking fowrrad to your book. I had previously dismissed the fact that my child was a RB learner as I had been told by the experts that he was unable to learn by visual methods, has low IQ as well as a host of diagnoses, and learned by auditory methods only. After trying a few things with him recently (ala Dianne Craft), he has proven otherwise. I also have a younger dd who I know is right brained. A lot of this is kind of out of the box for me as a probable left brained learner and former classroom teacher. I am looking for all the help I can get to wrap my brain around a different way of homeschooling my kids. I know in my gut his IQ is not that low (not saying he is a genuis) but even though I am told IQ is not that important, they keep referring to it as though it was. Thanks so much!:) x x

| Posted on 2013-11-18 | by a guest

.: :.

I was homeschooled as a kid and I didn't dievocsr my ADHD until ADDulthood. I do believe being home schooled helped tremendously and got me through some rough times. I still went on as an ADDult to get treated for my ADHD and assortment of other diagnoses. I know kids the only way they can keep from being hospitalized for their bipolar disorder is to be on meds. We wouldn't hesitate to put an adult on meds if they are violent or suicidal would we? Why would we hesitate to put a kid on meds for the same reason? And as far as ADHD is concerned, there are plenty of people who grow up undiagnosed and untreated. Many of these ADDults don't get diagnosed and treated [whether that is medication and/or therapy and coaching] until their 30 s and 40 s. They've spent there whole life wondering why they can't do things that others can and it's only with diagnosis they understand. Even with homeschooling I still struggled with my ADD/ADHD, my mood related stuff and what not. My mom did a great job, but that doesn't mean I still struggle. I am thankful that my mom has been supportive of my getting diagnosed, treated, and coached for my ADHD and mood related stuff. Yes I know the schools try to make people to conform too much and yes I know their are problems with the system and yes homeschooling is a powerful option for many families. I am considering homeschooling my kids when I have them so I can spread out their immunizations, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't get them diagnosed and treated if I thought it would help. I don't agree with medicating a kid just to get them to sit still in class, but I do agree with doing so if the kid needs it. I will always include my children in the decision-making regarding their treatment. I decided on 4 of 5 hand surgeries I had as a kid, so I know first hand that kids can get involved in their medical needs.

| Posted on 2013-11-15 | by a guest

.: :.

Shoni Today is my 26th birthday. It's the first year that I've felt a weird litlte something at getting older. But I'm spending the day with my three boys (husband, 2 year old son, 2 month old son) and am going to soak up every bit of it. Enjoy your day! x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

.: :.

Dorian Susan Life is also like a pizza, where each slice is 10 years of your life ..you may not be able to finish it all, or you may get lucky and get an extra slice that soonmee else can't finish.Time is the almighty, the most precious. Thanks for the reminder my busy, uses her time wisely, friend.

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

.: :.

Thanks for writing, Susanne. Of cosrue it isn't rude for you to state your opinion here! But it does not make your opinion correct , and you expect a response, I imagine. No, homeschooling is NOT what it was in Lincoln's Day. Lincoln had NO resources, borrowed books from lawyers he worked and learned from, and famously read at night by candlelight. The potentials today for successful homeschooling are VASTLY greater than in Lincoln's time. And as to what is normal , first, you vastly overrate the number of people worldwide in schools. In many parts of the world homeschooling is not only the norm, but the ONLY method available. Are those families outside the norm ? The number of homeschoolers is in the tens of millions, and some argue, in the hundreds of millions worldwide. The results from homeschooling when compared to schooling through standardized testings, demonstrate its clear superiority. Is it really outside the norm for a parent to do whatever is necessary to make certain that their children receive an actual and effective education while placing them in a (relatively) safe environment? This seems to most people that I talk with to be a rational and utterly normal thing for a parent to do! The abnormal and alternative thing for a parent to do would be to intentionally place their child in a dangerous and degrading environment. That is simply not wise or even normal parenting yet you are right, far too many people, convinced by experts that it's what's done , do exactly that when placing their children in the care of ruinous schools. What happened yesterday in Rio de Janero is yet another horrific, terrifying example of the result of what you are calling normal . Over a dozen murders in an Elementary School! Though the head of their government claimed this was a first , he can be certain it won't be a last. It is NEVER normal for a parent to place a child in harms way, or to do things week by week which make less of that child and their chances in life. And there, we have school for nearly every school child.Your definition of alternative is outside the normal . I did not use that definition in the article. The one I'm using is another option . Homeschooling is NOT ANOTHER option it is the ONLY option that can be considered rational at this time. Read the article again with this definition in mind, if you would, and see if that doesn't color it differently for you.

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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