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A Pot Of Tea Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 3

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You make it in your mess-tin by the brazier's rosy gleam;

    You watch it cloud, then settle amber clear;

You lift it with your bay'nit, and you sniff the fragrant steam;

    The very breath of it is ripe with cheer.

You're awful cold and dirty, and a-cursin' of your lot;

    You scoff the blushin' 'alf of it, so rich and rippin' 'ot;

It bucks you up like anythink, just seems to touch the spot:

    God bless the man that first discovered Tea!

Since I came out to fight in France, which ain't the other day,

    I think I've drunk enough to float a barge;

All kinds of fancy foreign dope, from caffy and doo lay,

    To rum they serves you out before a charge.

In back rooms of estaminays I've gurgled pints of cham;

    I've swilled down mugs of cider till I've felt a bloomin' dam;

But 'struth! they all ain't in it with the vintage of Assam:

    God bless the man that first invented Tea!

I think them lazy lumps o' gods wot kips on asphodel

    Swigs nectar that's a flavour of Oolong;

I only wish them sons o' guns a-grillin' down in 'ell

    Could 'ave their daily ration of Suchong.

Hurrah! I'm off to battle, which is 'ell and 'eaven too;

    And if I don't give some poor bloke a sexton's job to do,

To-night, by Fritz's campfire, won't I 'ave a gorgeous brew

    (For fightin' mustn't interfere with Tea).

To-night we'll all be tellin' of the Boches that we slew,

    As we drink the giddy victory in Tea.


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